for the overall development of child healthy mind is required and a healthy ,mind can only reside in a healthy body. This is the concept that obviously makes sports an inseparable part of our school. Each and every student is encouraged to run and jog. As this develops the basic foundation of any sport. Indoor, outdoor games like carom, chess, and table tennis badminton volleyball, kho-kho. Are a of regular school activities. Children are also trained in the field from anps chomu jaipur.

School Library

A PARADISE FOR BOOK WORMS:The Library is supposed to be the nerve centre of any educational Institution.The School maintains a well equipped library for the use of student and teachers under a trained Librarian.This modern library having latest books in multi disciplinary directed towards excellence with the collection of assorted and exhaustive text and reference books.It also have a book bank scheme in which a set of text books are loaned to students for use ,during the academic sessions.

School Labs

The Science and Technology block allows the School to provide courses relevant to the needs of the pupils.We believe that the practical knowledge is also equally important as the theoretical education.For that we have fully equipped and well spacious Labs as well as the required and qualified

Transport Facility

School has its own buses with well facilities. There are 13 buses in the school pool. All Buses are well maintained. School Bus Drivers are also well trained and Experienced. School Bus Take Student from their home At time.

Music and dance

The students are trained to be perform their talent in both western and classical as well as folk music. They are taught to be smart with tone and rhythm.

Skit and Role

The student are taught to be proficient in playing role and performed on the stage. They efficiency in role playing.

Art and Craft

In pre-pottery section, the student are being taught like different forms of art and craft with clay gains colour shapes etc.

Tour and excursions

The practical knowledge also provides them to do work and corporation.